The Shitbox Rally 2023 Autumn was held from May 12th to May 20th 2023, travelling from Newcastle to Townsville via Betoota.

The Cabra-Vale Diggers Group are a proud sponsor of a car in the event and more importantly, they completed this year’s challenge.

The team are two brothers, hence the name Brothers in Car, Lachlan Britten and Gareth Britten, who raised $7,000.

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is the pinnacle for vital funding for ground-breaking cancer research projects, but their budget only goes so far. The cancer researchers who miss out get another chance at funding via Cancer Council grants. The impact of these projects has been felt right across Australia with many of the grants made possible by Box Rallies funding.

For the first time, Box Rallies funds the next highest ranked grants after the NHMRC. This means that Box Rallies will fund some of the most exciting cancer research projects across the country – with the highest potential to significantly impact those affected by cancer.

2020/2021 net Box Rallies funds were allocated to 2022 research grants. This has meant Cancer Council could allocate funds to the 5 highest ranked grants with $2.22m net revenue.

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