Responsible Gambling

As a community organisation, the Cabra-Vale Diggers Group is committed to providing a safe and responsible environment for all members and guests. Management and Staff proudly support a responsible approach to gambling in our venues which includes several measures designed to ensure potential harm from gambling is minimised while promoting the benefits and enjoyment derived from this form of entertainment.

This policy and all gambling products offered at our venues comply with all relevant legislation that applies to the Registered Clubs industry.

GambleAware signage to promote responsible gaming, player information guides and information on seeking help are displayed within our gaming areas and extend throughout the Clubs.

Minors are not permitted to play gaming machines or be in a designated gambling area.

Patrons showing signs of intoxication will not be permitted to gamble and will be asked to leave the premises.

Responsible practices in advertising and promotions to ensure that the Club is not providing any misleading information or inducements to gamble.

ATMs will not be located on the gaming floor and will access debit accounts only. Under no circumstances will cash be provided on credit cards or cheques be cashed.

Gaming issue/complaints resolution system to address any gaming matters in an amicable and timely manner.

Adherence to maximum cash payout limits for any gambling win, prizes exceeding the limit will have their balance paid via cheque or EFT payment.

Self Exclusion

Patrons have 24-hour access to counselling services and the ability to exclude themselves from our Clubs. Club Managers are trained to provide confidential support and advice to patrons who may be at risk of or are experiencing gambling harm. Additionally, support is extended to family members of patrons who may be negatively impacted by gambling, through our third-party exclusions policy.

For further information and assistance, please speak with our Duty Managers or click on the following BetSafe link:

Staff Training

Cabra-Vale Diggers Group is committed to the ongoing training of all Staff, Management and Directors in the responsible provision of gaming. All employees are required to maintain their RCG competencies and engage in additional training that addresses gambling-related harm and harm minimisation.

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