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Category 1

Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the specific community welfare and social services and are aimed at improving the living standards of the low income and disadvantaged communities:
Employment assistance services
Community health services
Community development
Click here for Category 1 Application – financial support (Closing 31 March 2022)
Click here for Category 1 In-Kind Application – waived room hire or other non-financial support (Closing 30 June 2022)

Category 2

Category 2 funding are for projects that affect within internal community (sub clubs of Cabra-Vale Diggers) and grassroot local sporting clubs in the local area.


Purchasing new equipment
Veterans welfare activities


Click here for Category 2 Application – financial support 
Click here for Category 2 In-Kind Application – waived room hire or other non-financial support (Closing 30 June 2022)


Successful applicants will be required to submit an online acquittal form at the conclusion of the approved project or the end of the ClubGRANTS reporting year ie 31st August. All completed or incomplete progressed projects need to be reported. You can access the Acquittal report by logging in and clicking on the “red flag” icon under the heading “Acquittal” next to your submitted application. Any subsequent years’ application will not be approved without an acquittal report from the previous year.


  1. Please note, this is for Cabra-Vale diggers Club at Bartley Street Canley Vale only, for applications to our other club venue Campbelltown RSL, please click here.
  2. Select the type of funding, please see above for category description
  3. Complete the form for project details
  4. Click “submit” to finish
  5. The submitted application will appear in your “My Applications” dashboard.  You can also save your form without submitting and complete it at another time
  6. Once you submit, your application will now appear on the Cabra-Vale dashboard and we will proceed to review it form there.  Please allow 6-8 weeks to hear a response

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