The Cabra-Vale Diggers members care program has been running since October 2017.

This program offers assistance and advice to the members in need of special support and is discreetly available on the Club premise.

The Clubs Community worker offers flexible support options such as individual consultation, brief interventions, anecdotal counselling or group work (e.g. parenting programs, budgeting & relationship enrichment).

The Club Community worker also engages with the local community to develop referral relationships to establish and build relationships to assist patrons and their families.

Cabra-Vale Diggers Members Care Program aims to develop and improve patron’s wellbeing through, but not limited to:

  • Address barriers to healthy individual functioning such as gambling related harm, mental health and domestic violence
  • Assist patrons with drug and or alcohol misuse
  • Assist with financial and housing stress
  • Reduce isolation by providing support, guidance and create connections
  • Assist with Immigration matters
  • Assist with understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)
  • Assist to increase healthy family relationships
  • Promote the wellbeing of all family members, with particular regard for children
  • Increase the family’s connection to services in the broader community
  • Personal and parenting skills

Further information is available on request. Please call 0467 178 924.

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