The Best Foods To Order When Eating Out

Horizon, District 8, Brasserie, or Poppy Cafe? Which of our distinguished dining locations did you choose last time you had your friends or family join you for a fun lunch or dinner out and about? Was it an important event that ended with a celebratory 3-course meal? Did you have your favourite burger or pizza during a cheat day or while hitting the slot machines at your favourite casino in Australia? In case you didn't know, there is a fine connection between diet and gambling performance, so next time you are getting ready to order a meal to fill you up and prepare you for a long evening at a casino, make sure you know just which foods to choose to boost your chances of winning.

No matter how often you might do it, and for whatever reason, eating out is definitely a fun social event that will influence your mood and, why not, health and well-being. If you have never paid any real attention to the way you order from a menu when eating out, you might want to know that there are quite a few studies that have shown the fact that overeating while dining out is strongly connected to poor decisions regarding the foods we order.

Here are a few interesting tips that you might want to keep in mind next time you eat at a restaurant, so you can maintain your health in good parameters.

Tip #1: Read the Menu Onlineeating out healthy foods

Most restaurants now display full menus online with specific details on their ingredients, so you can familiarise yourself with their dishes even before you set foot into their land venues. Also, if ordering in a choice for whatever reason, this should give you even more time to browse through the menu, look up certain ingredients you have never heard of, maybe search for potential influences of some foods on your health, and so on.

The sooner you do it, preferably while still full from a previous meal, the healthier the choices you should expect to make when the waiter is ready to ask you the big question. Try to not let any sort of distraction or basic hunger keep you from taking your time to truly study the menu so you can avoid making any snap decisions.

Tip #2: Drink Water Before and Throughout Your Meal

It is important to stay well hydrated for dozens of reasons, and this should no longer be news to anyone who tries to do the bare minimum for their health. Water, however, is also an excellent choice of drink prior to eating, as well as the best drink to have while enjoying your food. It will not only replace sugar-loaded, calorie-packed drinks that normally impact the scale and cause your blood sugar to spike but also help you feel full while there is still food left on your plate.

Drinking at least 500 ml of water 30 minutes prior to eating will help you ingest fewer calories and lose up to 44% more weight compared to not drinking water or replacing it with a least healthy alternative.

Tip #3: Order Two Appetizers Instead of a Full Meal

You are more prone to go overboard when eating out or overeat when looking at a huge portion on a platter. While discounts and special 2 for the price of 1 promotions are excellent to come across, they can also interfere with healthy choices. What you could do is try to avoid ordering an entire meal, but opt for a double appetizer instead.

Tip #4: Practice Active Chewing

Make sure you properly chew every bite you take and eat at a slower pace. It will help you reach that feeling of being satiated a lot quicker, thus helping you eat fewer calories. Stay in the moment, count at least 15 chews for each mouthful so you do not rush into cleaning your pate before everyone else, and drop your fork, knife, or spoon while busy chewing so you can allow the body's natural satiety signals to come into play.

Tip #5: Eat a Small, Healthy Snack Prior to Arriving at the Restaurant

If possible, grab a small natural yoghurt or a few cashews, nuts, or blueberries and snack on them on your way to the restaurant. These are not only amazingly healthy choices for snacks that will bring you lots of wonderful benefits, but they will also help eat less once you will arrive there.

Finally, try to order before your friends so you are not influenced by their unhealthy menu choices, and replace your regular dessert with a cup of coffee.

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