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Special technique rightfully enjoyed great popularity at all times, and now it is quite a big demand. A separate class among the variety of special equipment is dump trucks. It is these cars that enjoy great demand in almost all spheres of human life. This type of special equipment is one of the most common and frequently used.

Areas of use.

These cars can be found everywhere. The most common are cars that are intended for public roads (road dump trucks). Such special cars are produced by almost all manufacturers of trucks in the world. Among the domestic one of the most famous are KAMAZ dump trucks.

Another type of such cars are off-road (or career) dump trucks. Because of their huge, as a rule, the size, use on public roads is difficult. They are used mainly in the process of developing deposits of various kinds of minerals. They have impressive lifting capacity. As a rule, hybrid power plants are used in such cars (traction electric motors operate in a compartment with a diesel internal combustion engine).

In places where high maneuverability and permeability are needed, articulated dump trucks are widely used. As a rule, these cars are used in construction sites, as well as when carrying out career works.

There is also such a type of dump trucks as underground. The design of these trucks is such that it makes it possible to use them with great efficiency in the process of building various tunnels, during mining, etc.

As for the KAMAZ dump trucks mentioned earlier, there are many models of this manufacturer. As a rule, cars of this brand are very widely used in construction. Their design allows them to effectively apply them when transporting bulk construction tons of industrial cargo. Kamaz and agriculture are also widely used.

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