How to find profitable pokies in online casinos?

How to find profitable pokies in online casinos?

Almost all professional gamblers know that mathematical expectations of results are not included in any slot machine. Therefore, no matter what gaming systems are used by players, the casino, whether it is real or online, will always be in the black. True, at short distances the player has a chance to beat the gambling establishment. But in order to do this, he must know how to find a pokie that is profitable for him in an Australian online casino with a minimum deposit 

Where to choose a pokie

To win often and to withdraw the won money without any problems, you need to choose only licensed online casinos. Only in such online establishments can you find machines that are constantly monitored by their manufacturers and, of course, also have their own license.

In unofficial gambling establishments, the machines are often reconfigured by the administration, and in order to attract players, they give several small winnings and begin to drain the deposit. That is, it is almost impossible to win here.

Method for selecting machines.
Experienced players recommend choosing slots with a return percentage (RTP) of more than 96%. In addition, it is advisable to select such slots that would be interesting to you. The very process of the game should enthrall the player.

After several pokies have been selected, it is imperative to analyze their variance. This is the main indicator showing the degree of risk while playing a slot machine.

You should also analyze their volatility and the length of the game cycle. True, if the pokie has a high return, you can play on a long, as well as low volatility.

It is imperative to understand which of the selected machines can give the greatest gain, it is worth examining all its hidden parameters and familiarizing yourself with the testers' recommendations.

Before you start playing for real money, it is recommended to test all the selected pokies on a free demo mode, which practically does not differ from games with real bets.

In addition, the demo game will help you choose the most optimal betting options, hone your skills and understand which of the selected machines can bring the greatest profit.

When playing in demo mode, be sure to record the results of each launch. This includes the frequency of issuing special symbols by the machine, the loss of high wins, the activation of various prize bonuses. Pay special attention to the issuance of special characters. The more often the machine issues them, the more likely it is that it will soon give out a big win.

Important. If the selected pokie with high variance starts giving out winnings while playing in demo mode, you should immediately switch to real money bets. This strategy multiplies the chance of winning a big cash prize.

Having found a pokie, which by all indications is on the return, the player can only start making real money bets. But at the same time, do not forget about the control of your bankroll. If suddenly the slot machine stops giving out winning options, it is best to leave it and continue playing on another pokie. Otherwise, you can merge most, or even the entire deposit.


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