Catalog of games and other benefits of the casino

They worked on the project for a long time and it became an example of how virtual casinos should be done in general. The amazingly versatile and well thought-out development of the project can already be called an example for other sites operating in this niche. From bonuses to the catalog of games, from support service to site optimization, everything has been done to make each customer here comfortable and interesting.

Categories of games on the site

Modern slot machines have become even more interesting and exciting, because the gameplay itself opens up to all users much more interesting opportunities. Especially noteworthy is the catalog that offers each customer online casino new is a completely new opportunity for all users:

  • The classic and the largest category of slot machines for a large amount of time will remain exactly slot machines. The fact is that it is this category of slot machines that a lot of developed providers are working particularly hard on today. Different stories, complicated game mechanics and other features - all of this should definitely be taken advantage of;
  • Card games are an extremely interesting category of slots that will allow you to face original and curious challenges. While slot machines don't differ too much from each other in terms of game mechanics, card games are really diverse and interesting, which you should definitely take advantage of. Each new card game is an opportunity to find yourself inside the complex challenges, for the successful overcoming of which a substantial reward will be waiting for everyone.

The financial issue

It is very important that there is no need to worry about financial transactions - the casino site with this order:

  • Deposit is made instantly and is done with a large number of different payment systems. There is a minimum deposit, but it is very modest;
  • Withdrawal is not instantaneous and takes some time, but no need to worry - within a few hours or a maximum of 24 hours the money will be transferred and you can use them as you want.


Singlet Tops

Frayed Clothing

House Slippers

Bike Shorts


except for medical or ethno-religious reasons

Bare Feet

Innapropriate Shorts

Hair Curlers & Rollers

Inappropriate Length

of skirts, dresses and shorts

Rubber Thongs

Minors on licensed Premises

A child in the Club must always be accompanied by a responsible adult, be seated well away from any bar and gaming areas and is allowed to attend the following:

Dining Areas of District 8, Brasserie on Park, Poppy Café, unrestricted while dining.


To attend the Sunday Afternoon Concert, provided it is open to all ages.

Spin & Win

Required to leave upon its completion

Bowls Tournaments

Participating minors in organised bowls tournaments are permitted to attend the Bowling section of the Club on the day of the event, one (1) hour prior to the event and required to leave one ( I) hour after the completion of the event.


NSW Gambling Help

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R.S.A On Your Way

An important Responsible Service of Alcohol Message. The responsible service of alcohol is taken very seriously by the club. Our staff must strictly enforce the responsible service of alcohol and if you are showing the signs of intoxication you will be asked to leave the club in accordance with government legislation.

We want everyone who comes to Cabra-Vale Diggers to have a good time and as such we have developed a responsible service of alcohol message with some practical advice. R.S.A On Your Way reflects our responsibility as a licensed venue.

R.S.A On Your Way tips for a good night out:


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