Moon Festival – Sunday 8 September 2019

The Premier Gladys Berejiklian spoke at the opening ceremony this year in front of the local community of Cabramatta at the 2019 Moon Festival.

According to the police count, over 90,000 people attended this great community event. The club was well represented with the naming rights to a newly created food precinct this year, with District 8 being the headline food provider, a stall which was well patronised during the day and night. The function team was also represented at the festival hawking the functions opportunities here at the Club.

Although the day was sunny and temps were around 20c, a bitter wind swept through most the day, however this did not discourage the local community and members coming out to enjoy their day. The Club was a major sponsor for the event and Director Ray Bramman represented the on the day, where the Premier presented him with a certificate of appreciation.

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