Flood Evacuation Centre

As the floods raged across northern New South Wales, the Club could see that the rains were heading south. The Club was contacted on two occasions and used as an evacuation centre on:

  • Wednesday 2 March to Friday 4 March 2022.
  • Monday 7 March to Thursday 10 March 2022.

The Club used the function rooms and supplied food, tea & coffee, and water both for the volunteer staff and evacuated persons. During this period, the club vaccination policy was not enforced for any evacuated people entering the Club. When the Fairfield City Council activated an Evacuation Centre, a team of support staff from NSW Community and Justice, NSW Health and NSW Social services were allocated to co-ordinate the services. Around 120 people including families used the services offered by the club.

Thank you to the NSW Department of Justice who coordinated the various supporting services during these difficult times. Thank you to our local community, as we received many calls with offers of support such as labour, food, and clothing.

The Fairfield SES worked tirelessly supporting the residents in flood affected areas of our community, with many ending up at the Club having been evacuated themselves. The Club has always supported the SES during operations with food and drinks for the volunteers who are engaged in all levels of support to our community. Thank you to the personnel at the Fairfield SES for their commitment to our residents.

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