Cabra Diggers Cares

Cabra-Vale Diggers play an active role in the community and appreciate the opportunity to serve people who live locally and those who are proud members of the Club.

We support a diverse group of 81 local community organisations ranging from education, aged care, health services to ethnic groups. To date, more than a million dollars has been donated by the Club to these important support programs. In addition, we assist our members in hospitals and nursing homes and each month we host a free seniors concert for local nursing home patients.

Recently we partnered with Catholic Care to provide a free counselling service to members and their families dealing with difficulties.

For more information please call 0408 467 601 or visit

Cabra-Diggers Cares is a new community initiative from Cabra Vale Diggers and demonstrates an even greater commitment to the community.

It is a “hands-on” project where we will be partnering with a range of community charities and organisations on specific projects. That partnership may include funding to assist a particular project, volunteering, in-kind assistance and promotion

If you have a project that you feel may make a good partner for the Cabra-Diggers Cares, tell us about it at We plan on doing six projects per year. 


Recruitment for Refugees

Cabra Vale Diggers recently supported a recruitment day for our local community. This event was created by Core Communities in support of the refugee and migrant men and women seeking employment in NSW. The one-day event had representatives from both local and federal government agencies and business. Over 700 people attended the event which was accommodated in the Clubs Auditorium. The Minster for Mulitculticuluralism, Mr John Sidoti attended the event during the day and spoke to many participants.



Cabra-Vale Diggers Club is one of 12 clubs which contribute to the local community via ClubGRANTS.

For information about the ClubGRANTS Program in Fairfield City, contact 9725 0741 between Monday and Wednesday, or email

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